This blog was created to share my love for tripping around the world. “Monde” is French for “World”. I’m not French but those who know me, know my love for all things French.. well, almost all things:) Travel for me is like food, water, and sleep. Travel is nourishment to my mind, body, and soul. For me, travel is life. It’s woven into my very core and therefore the quote from Hans Andersen captures this best -“To travel is to live”.

My earliest memories are of my father traveling all over the world; He would return home with souvenirs, books, and all kinds of incredible treats. He would show us pictures and my imagination would run wild.. thinking one day, I’m going to go somewhere, everywhere!

Travel changes you in ways that words cannot describe. It creates a wealth and awareness that cannot be reproduced by any other experience. When a place I’ve visited pops up anywhere – the news, a movie, a song, etc.,  there is always a nostalgic feeling that arises within me – A part of me forever belongs there.

I’m very passionate about travel and love to capture and share the experiences.  I love to plan trips for myself, family and friends. I hope this blog provides an avenue to continue to do all of this.

Thank you for stopping by and please enjoy!


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