Exploring Casco Viejo

IMG_20170430_215747_492Casco Viejo  (“The Old Quarter”) also known as Casco Antiguo or San Felipe is a huge contrast from downtown Panama City. For me, it was very reminiscent of Old San Juan, Puerto Rico or The French Quarter, New Orleans. What a gem with so much character! I enjoyed our visit here and wished we could have spent more time here. Despite the apparent and ongoing gentrification of this UNESCO world heritage site, there’s still a lot of dilapidation around. This neighborhood has been around for 340 years and its constantly changing and evolving.

Casco Viejo has a large concentration of restaurants, bars, and shops. We did not base ourselves here but found our way back here literally every day we were in Panama City.  I loved the diversity of Casco Viejo – in architecture, people, culture, and cuisine. My two favorite aspects were the architecture and observing life go by. I skipped out of all the obvious monuments and decided to roam about and see what we might discover in these two aspects. Enjoy!


Plaza Herrera originally used for bullfights, was named after the Panamanian General Tomas Herrera shown on his horse in the square. Its a great meeting spot to start out your walking tour.


Plaza Herrera is a great spot to chill out and watch life go by in Casco Viejo


Beautiful sunset in Casco Viejo. The rains had just stopped a few minutes earlier


Stopped to watch a football match in progress


Spanish colonial architecture in Casco Viejo


My favorite shot in Casco Viejo. The wall art caught my eye and then the little fella did. He watched his buddies playing in the street, even shouting out to them but he never left that door. I bet he was grounded or something haha!


CasaCasco featured one of the best rooftops in Casco Viejo. Definitely worth a visit. My other two top rooftop choices were Tantalos and Lazotea.


Balconies, Balconies and more Balconies.. Gorgeous wrought ironwork and balustrades adorning the balconies


The American Trade Hotel is quite a sight. New amidst the old architecture

Thank you coming along on my adventures!


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