Hiking the Ancon Hill Panama City

I’m not a hiker; I’ll be honest and say the idea scares me a bit. The first things that come to mind are encountering bad people and dangerous animals. I know, I need to stay off the news!

So the thought of hiking up Ancon Hill, a 654-foot hill overlooking Panama City, Panama, was met with some hesitation. But I had seen pictures of the breathtaking views at the top and I decided to just do it. What an experience it was!

We set out later than planned around noon. Lucky for us, it was a bit overcast so not as hot. We took an uber ride to the foot of the hill for about $4, then climbed up the red stairs leading to the trail. At the top of the stairs, you can either go left or right. Make sure you go right to get on the trail to the hill. We went left and ended up at residential homes and government offices and had to backtrack to get on the right path.

The hike took about 30 minutes. There were parts of trail that were steep but overall not too bad if you are in decent shape. The trail is full of beautiful lush dense vegetation, but not much animal life. We heard lots of birds but all we saw was one huggge scary looking rat! Despite the overcast skies, it got pretty hot but was bearable.

We made it to the top! Enjoyed the views and lovely breeze before making our way down. But oh my! About halfway down, the rains came pouring down, i mean like a monsoon! We took occasionally refuge under trees and then decide to just brave it and run all the way down. Now that was an adventure in itself! We all looked like the aftermath of a wet t-shirt contest, shoes completely waterlogged! We laughed so hard and despite being completely drenched, it was such a fun experience! I highly recommend making a trip up Ancon Hill, the views are so worth it.

Beautiful Lush rain forest of Ancon Hill


About 3/4th of the way up, we got a sneak peek of the views from a little opening in the forest!


The panoramic views are the top were just amazing!! The skyscrapers are to the left


To the right were the views of Casco Viejo (Old Town)


Up close views of Casco Viejo


At the top, the Panamanian flag awaits, flying high since 1977


Tips before you go

  • Try to go early before the Panamanian sun is out in full force
  • Take a small easy to carry umbrella. There was no rain in the forecast but the rain came down like a monsoon and we got caught in it.
  • Wear comfy light shoes for hiking.
  • Wear very light and breathable clothing.
  • Bring cold water preferably in an insulated bottle to keep it cool.
  • Take light snacks to enjoy when you get to the top; There are no food or drink amenities at the top.
  • Bring your camera to capture the amazing panoramic views of Panama City
  • You will need to walk all the way down to the foot of the hill to catch a cab, they come by pretty often. You can also always call an uber from there as well.

Thank you for coming along on my adventures!





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